Agriculture Inputs


Gurmad General Co Ltd deals in the supply of a variety of quality seeds available in the market such as maize, sorghum, rice, groundnuts, tomatoes, jute marrow khudra and okra among others. We buy process and sell grains, cereals and legumes locally grown on our fertile soils to support our economy and farmers. Our quality consciousness is displayed in the company’s investment in modern processing plants to clean sort and dry the grains, cereals and legumes so as to ensure high quality standards for our clients.

Garden Tools

We also procure and deliver fine tools like hoes, rakes, folks, wheelbarrows and spraying chemical, etcetera to our client’s location, within our delivery coverage at a friendly cost.

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Buganda Road Plot 13, Mukwano Courts-2nd Floor, Room No.211. Kampaal Uganda
tel: 256(0)785948540/(0)755429622/(0)708508420


South Sudan
2nd floor, Unity house,
Unity rd Malakia -Juba
Tel: +211 923 355110 /+211 922 524524
+211 916 329358 /+211 925 555599
Omar Hashi Building, 4th floor,
1st Rd in Hargesia
Tel: +252 634 494637
East light, 6th street,
Amal plaza
Tel: +254 722 240851 / +254 711 185666

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